See if you qualify. 
Answer a few questions to see if your student can enter the contest.
This way :)
First off,

Let's see if the student qualifies...

Does the student entering the contest live within the 50 continental United States? *

Is this student in grades K-8? *

Is there someone, either a legal guardian (18+ ) or parent of the student who can ENTER the contest on the student's behalf? *

Will you (or someone else) get permission from the Principal of the school? *

Just in case you enter and win, we need to know if the prize is okay with the Principal beforehand.

Permission forms can be downloaded on the contest page.
Only one form needed per school.
Great!   So far, so good. 

Now let's see if the school meets the requirements.

Is the school open on the week of May 22nd? *

This would be the day of prize fulfillment.
Does their school...

have an auditorium, gymnasium, cafeteria, or multipurpose room with a stage? *

Does their school...

have a basic sound system with a least two handheld microphones? *

If you are not sure, click yes for now.
Does the school have...

2 rooms with access to restrooms adjacent to or near the stage area? *

Does the school...

have general media release forms from all students at the school? *

We need to ensure that any students who would attend the event have signed a media release as the event would be recorded/photographed.
Does the school have enthusiasm for music education!???! *

Congratulations your student and their school qualifies for the contest!
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OH NO!!  I'm sorry but it looks like you don't qualify for the contest. 

Go to our rules & restrictions page to learn more.
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